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What We Offer Sellers

RDCM Homes, a Division of Golston Real Estate Inc., offers sellers a comprehensive evaluation and marketing program which includes research, calculations and statistical data that situates sellers’ homes in the current local market and arms sellers with the empirical data and analysis necessary to make informed decisions.  An integral component of this program, the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), provides sellers with an overview of comparable local homes recently sold, their features and the prices they commanded.  RDCM Homes, a Division of Golston Real Estate Inc., provides comprehensive advice on staging homes to increase curb appeal to entice potential buyers.  Our comprehensive marketing program includes the creation of a Pricing and Marketing Strategic Plan and takes full advantage of state-of-the-art technologies to offer the fullest exposure of your home to potential buyers and their agents.  Experienced in negotiations, RDCM Homes, a Division of Golston Real Estate Inc., defends the sellers’ best interests to achieve the best possible outcome for the seller.

The Selling Process: The Six-Phase Approach to Home Sales Success

Once sellers have chosen to have RDCM Homes, a Division of Golston Real Estate Inc., represent them in the sale of their home, the subsequent phase is to implement our comprehensive six-phase approach to successful home sales.  The six-phase approach includes the following components:

  1. – Pre-Listing Phase
  2. – Listing Presentation and Agreement Phase
  3. – Marketing Phase
  4. – Offer Phase
  5. – Contingency Satisfaction Phase
  6. – Closing and Follow-Up Phase

Pre-Listing Phase

Prior to listing your home, RDCM Homes, a Division of Golston Real Estate Inc., will be responsible for preparing a comprehensive listing presentation containing relevant data and analysis to support informed pricing and marketing decisions.  RDCM Homes, a Division of Golston Real Estate Inc., will gather data to create the listing presentation from sources such as:

  • Comparable properties presently listed on MRIS
  • Sales activity for the past 18 months
  • Average days on market for the specific area and type of home
  • Tax assessment data

This information is used to generate a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which is shared and discussed with the seller. Rather than relying on or accepting limited CMAs produced as “site unseen,” contact us for a free consultation and a free visit to your property so that we can produce an accurate CMA which fully accounts for the unique features of your property.

Listing Presentation and Agreement Phase

The second phase entails a personal meeting between the agent and the seller(s) to review the findings of the agent’s research and analysis.  The meeting has the following key goals:

  • Presentation of the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Presentation of Pricing and Marketing Strategic Plan
  • Explanation of the role of the agent throughout the subsequent processes
  • Review and explanation of Listing Contract

Marketing Phase

At RDCM Homes, a division of Golston Real Estate, it has been our experience that strategic marketing successfully sells correctly-priced homes.  Comprehensive, strategic marketing entails marketing your home to other real estate agents who may be working with a potential buyer, as well as to the general public.  Our approach encompasses the following initiatives:

  • Pre-marketing your home before it is added to the MLS.
  • Place your home on the MLS, and within 24 hours of signing the listing agreement.
  • Create a video tour of your home to include with pictures and the description of your home on the aforementioned websites.
  • Install a lock box at your home to allow other agents to show the property.
  • Use e-cards to market your home to other agents.
  • Advise you of your competition, including homes in your neighborhood, and those in surrounding neighborhoods that are currently for sale.
  • Advertise your home on our highly trafficked RDCM Homes website.
  • Advertise your home on Golston Real Estate, Inc.’s highly trafficked website.
  • Create a flyer to advertise your home.
  • Place a yard sign on your property and ensure that flyers are available for potential buyers driving through your neighborhood.
  • Leverage our extensive networks in the real estate industry to promote your home.
  • Leverage the strategic partners of Golston Real Estate. Inc. to get your home seen by leading figures within the community.
  • Organize and host open houses.
  • Share buyer and buyer agent feedback with you.
  • Produce and share metrics on the number of inquiries and views of your property resulting from online advertising, and on the number of in-person visits to your home.
  • Ensure potential buyers are pre-qualified.
  • Remaining available to field inquiries of potential buyers and arrange for showings of the property.

The agent then implements the marketing plan as discussed with and approved by the seller(s).

Offer Phase

Your RDCM Homes, a Division of Golston Real Estate Inc., agent receives and promptly submits offers to purchase your home to you for consideration, discusses with you the details of each offer and assists you in evaluating and comparing the offers.  Your agent will negotiate with the buyers’ agent and represent your best interests in the negotiations after consulting with you.

Contingency Satisfaction Phase

Once sellers have accepted an offer from a buyer, the agent works to ensure any buyer contingencies are satisfied so that the transaction continues to move smoothly toward closing.  Typical buyer contingencies are various inspections of the home.  We also monitor, in conjunction with the buyers’ agent, the satisfaction of seller contingencies, which typically focus on final approval of buyer financing.

Closing and Follow-Up Phase

The settlement company handles the paperwork, title search, escrows, title insurance and final coordination with the lender to ensure a smooth closing on the property.  We always remain in close contact with the settlement company throughout the process and attend closings with our clients.

From beginning to end, we dedicate ourselves to your transaction to help you achieve your goals, we feel that our above methods help make the home selling process go as smoothly for you as possible and we look forward to assisting you all along the way!